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The Lottery Experiment
By KoziaraTech

We strongly believe the stock market isn't the only option for investing. With the right tools, our experiments have shown the odds of winning the lottery can be increased. As all winnings under $600 are tax free and may be claimed at any local retailer, we recommend sticking to the smaller games to maximize profits.

The Florida game "Pick 3" is the game we are currently experimenting on. This involves guessing only three numbers, each between 0 and 9, which has much better odds than other available games. We choose the top 50 "most likely" numbers to be drawn and pay for the $1 straight play. Assuming we are able to hit the Jackpot, that is $500 in winnings (tax free) per play for a $50 investment. As the game is drawn twice daily, there is potential to make up to $900 in profit each day using our method. That is up to $328,500 in tax free money each year.

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